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Dennis wake, founder of woodturning hartlepool

Passionate about helping people learn a new skill and gain confidence all through the art of woodturning.

Dennis Wake has been turning for 20 years and demonstrating around the country for the last 10. Since qualifying as a tutor, he started volunteering at Phoenix house (h4h) Catterick. It was during this time he realised that by helping pupils with mental health problems he could make a huge difference.

I thought it could be an excellent way to help to build people’s confidence in their own abilities and the fact that at the end of the course the participants got to take something home to their families that they had made with their own hands would help to keep that new found confidence high even after the course had finished.

Since H4H closed down and Dennis was not needed to volunteer, he then decided to extend the training to civilian life and undertake a European Social Fund Grant. Dennis used his expertise to guide 16 pupils through a 6-day woodturning course, with the aim of getting unemployed people back into work. The grant covered anyone aged 16 to 67 in the Tees Valley area, out of work and with mental health issues. Out of the 16 pupils he made a difference to all of them. 5 are back into work and 4 into training. He is now starting to undertake phase 2 of the grant and starting it all over again.

20 years experience

Dennis has 20 years experience in woodturning and 10 years in tuition.

registered tutor

A range of certifications so you know you are in safe, qualified hands.

When I first began wood turning, one of the main things I noticed was how engrossed I became whilst I was working with the lathe. It was like the whole world sort of melted away, my troubles with it, and it was just me and the lathe.

- Dennis Wake, Founder and Tutor of Woodturning Hartlepool

don't just take our word for it

Woodturning Hartlepool is for everyone, whether you have no experience at all, or whether you are looking to hone your skills.

The people attending sessions and workshops, find Woodturning Hartlepool a relaxing, safe learning space. They learn new skills, have a fantastic overall experience and have a handmade piece to take home with pride.

Woodturning Hartlepool has even been featured in the Woodworkers Institute Magazine, talking about the healing power of turning. Read the article below.

Three pupils today from a group and a statement back from there group leader that states. I have to say Dennis you are amazing with the pupils the way you were with them. I’ve not seen many people with your ability to assist them going forward.

Would you like to give Woodturning a try?

Woodturning Hartlepool is for everyone, whether you have no experience at all, or whether you are looking to hone your skills.

Discover the art of woodturning with Dennis Wake, a certified tutor with 20 years of experience. You will have access to all the tools and supplies you’ll need alongside the expertise to teach you the skill and techniques. Woodturning Hartlepool offers a unique, tailored experience in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Unit 43, Hartlepool Enterprise Centre, Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool, TS24 8EY


John Myers
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Dennis is an excellent tutor. I had a morning with Dennis. His instruction is first class and my skills have improved significantly. His knowledge is excellent, and his approach made learning a really enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend one of Dennis’s course for anyone wanting to improve their turning skill.
Stephen Cross
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Very relaxed but safe learning environment. Good teaching skills. Enjoyed the day. Make two excellent items to take home. Plenty to practice. Will come again.
Bob Jefferson
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Excellent day spent with Dennis on a 1-2-1 basis. Very instructive and engaging. For a relative novice like me I was able, with Dennis’ guidance, to turn a bowl and a trinket box. Dennis has also been very helpful since the tuition with advice regarding getting me set up with a lathe and tools etc. I will be booking more time with him soon.
Wayne bowes
Wayne bowes@username
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Dennis is a brilliant tutor, me and my wife had an amazing time making snowmen and being shown the ropes on our taster session today for her birthday gift. We would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to try the lathe for the first time, we felt safe and under brilliant instruction. Satisfied with our perfect end product to take home too! Thanks mat
Nick meade
Nick meade@username
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My brother and I attended a full day woodturning workshop with Dennis as a birthday present this weekend, It was great. Dennis has created an amazing workshop that is very professionally set up. He gives clear instructions and is patient, helpful and friendly in his approach. His passion for woodturning is clear, as is his experience and advanced craftsmanship. We thoroughly enjoyed our day, have learnt the basics properly and both have a bowl and trinket box and sense of achievement in making them to remind us of a great day. We would recommend to anyone who wants proper tuition in a fun and safe environment. Thankyou Dennis
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Hi Dennis - thank you so much for today. I loved it but feel a bit brain dead now! Jim is very impressed with what I've brought home & so pleased that he gave me something that I've enjoyed so much
Mark Merricks
Mark Merricks@username
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Had a days course with Dennis. He has so much patience and his tutoring skills are first class. Everything from basic safety to tool and procedures is done in a well explained , easy to follow way.The workshop is brilliant and the display/shop are a must see. Will definitely be back
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Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop. To say it was amazing is an understatement from the clear aims of the workshop to the instruction and explanation. I had a wonderful time and friends are impressed by my apple! Thank you again.
grant training
grant training@username
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On the grant training i am undertaking i had this statement from one of the staff. I have to say Dennis you are totally amazing with the way you were with the clients. I've not seen many people with your ability.
Jordan Munro
Jordan Munro@username
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We spent our morning doing a half day workshop with Dennis and it was amazing! We have never done woodturning before but left with two beautiful bowls. Dennis was wonderful and super helpful. His instructions were clear and he demonstrated each step really clearly. I would highly recommend the workshop to absolutely anyone!! Really enjoyable and informative!
Helen Lewis
Helen LewisAWGB Training day
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Dennis Wake at Woodturning Hartlepool. I had another fabulous day and learned a great deal which I have been reflecting upon over the past couple of weeks. I have attended several courses at Hartlepool and find the level of expertise, the skilled trainers, and the friendly atmosphere to be an excellent learning environment that is very good for building confidence; these make it worth a rather long drive to attend, and I suspect that if two comparable courses were to be offered, one of which was local while the other was in Hartlepool, that I would opt for the longer drive in the knowledge that the end result would be an educational day and overall positive experience.